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VaneONE is the perfect choice when looking for uninterrupted data capture on the open oceans. It is designed with significant surplus energy and may be equipped with a variety of maritime instrumentation and sensor packages. This makes VaneONE the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective data capture further out in the ocean space.

VaneONE is augmenting unmanned operations by making energy available on the open oceans.  By leveraging proprietary passive control systems, a regenerative propeller system and solar power, VaneONE enables more energy intensive equipment and sensor packages without the need for additional energy sources.


"VaneONE acts as a data platform, designed for uninterupted contionous operations on the open oceans."

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Concepts -
ROV Edition or Rescue edition

As innovation is at the core of our operation, we are continuously looking to provide solutions to our customers needs. By augmenting our services with more complex subsea inspection system or rescue pod add-ons, we expect substantial added value to our customers.


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