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Our Services

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Inspection Patrolling

By leveraging maritime camera and radar technology combined with a high speed satellite link system, VaneONE provides patrolling and inspection services for offshore use.

  • Camera technology

  • Radar systems 

Meteorology & Research

Our service provide cost-effective and comprehensive data collection within meteorology and reasearch purposes. Our data is collected from state-of-the-art on board instrumentation.The collected data is used to improve the accuracy of weather analysis and forecasting.

  • Online data acquisition

  • Winching equipment/sensors down through the water column 

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Seabed Mapping.jpg

Oceanographic Survey

Our Oceanographic survey service offers cost-effective single-beam and multibeam survey operations, tailored to meet customer specifications and use-cases. Our survey operations are conducted by highly experienced professionals, providing accurate data to ensure the success of your project.

  • Single-beam survey

  • Multibeam survey

Biomass/Fish Detection

Our service offers a comprehensive analysis for biomass and fish detection. We use the latest technology, including single-beam eccosounders, sonar or bird detection radar systems, to detect biomass and fish in the ocean. By leveraging this technology, we provide accurate and reliable data on the biomass and fish population of the area.


  • Single-beam

  • Sonar system for biomass/fishing purpose

  • Radar system for bird detection 

Fishing Net

Subsea Inspection & Data Relay

Our Subsea Inspection service offers comprehensive and reliable inspection of subsea assets by the use of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology. Our focus is to ensure safe deployment and inspection using inspection ROVs deployed trough a winching (tether) system to ensure that your subsea assets are in the best condition, allowing for fast and efficient maintenance and repairs when needed. 

VaneONE also provide services for relaying acoustic telemetry from the subsea equipment, through our high speed satellite communication system.

  • Inspection ROV

  • Winch (tether) system

  • Acoustic telemetry

Detection of Unexploded Ordnance

Our Detection of Unexploded Ordnance service utilizes advanced Multibeam and ROV technologies to detect and map unexploded ordnance on the seafloor. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology to accurately identify and map UXO targets with precision, VaneONE provide a cost-effective service.

  • Multibeam eccosounder

  • Inspection ROV

  • Winch (tether) system

Torpedos in the hold of an Imperial Japanese Navy cargo ship sunk at Truk Lagoon during Wo
Meteorology & Research
Oceanographic Survey
Fish/biomass detection
Water-To-Air Relay
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