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Complex Ocean Data Services

Vane Ocean Technologies provide data as a service on the open oceans through the use of our autonomous sailing platform - VaneONE. By leveraging several break-thru innovations, VaneONE provides surplus energy for more power hungry equipment (like eccosounders, sonar systems, radar or camera systems), thus opening the possibility for more complex ocean operations for unmanned maritime vessels.


Continous Ocean Data Provider 

Through the use of solar and wind energy carriers, our services open a new realm for more complex ocean operations. By leveraging tried and true maritime instruments and sensors on board, our service offers a flexible platform for cost-effective data capture operations further out in the maritime space.


Why We're The Best

Eliminate Power


Secure & Continous Data Collection

Augmentation With Available Energy

By leveraging several proprietary passive control systems, VaneONE practically eliminates power consumption.

By combining the use of a regenerative propeller system with an asymmetrical airfoil system and solar power.

By leveraging tried and true high speed satellite communication technology, your data is transferred in real-time to our secure cloud service. 

By leveraging surplus energy, VaneONE acts as an enabling platform for data capture far out in the maritime space.

"​By augmenting unmanned vessels with significant available energy, VaneONE enable capabilities that previously has been limited to traditional maritime service industry."

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Tormod Moldestad
Chairman - Vane Ocean Technologies AS

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